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July 6, 2016 - Charlottesville
We’re officially in our new apartment, in our new town, with our mix of old and new goals and dreams and furniture. - Charlottesville
We’ve finished all our planned travel, so these summer days are more about settling in, getting to know friends and exploring the parks and markets and side streets of our new home. I’ve learned that we can walk to the hardware store, but that on hot days I don’t want to because it’s completely uphill.

We’ve mastered the schedule for the free trolley, though the other buses still elude us. We’ve stocked the freezer with ice cream and frozen mango and bought another fan, because this place doesn’t have AC and the heat index has been climbing.

We’ve wandered around campus (grounds, excuse me, because everything here has its own special name) and agreed that, while very pretty, it still can’t rival the colonial charm of Williamsburg. We’ve tried out a few restaurants, still looking for our favorites, and enjoyed the fact that we picked a highly walkable neighborhood to live in. - Charlottesville

We are, in short, settling into the hard work of creating a new life for ourselves here, even if it’s just for a short while.

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