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January 15, 2016

Snippets from my week.

See also: eating, drinking, and getting ready to travel.

Warm December

Our bizarre winter weather continues, this time with balmy breezes and open windows in January.

(Closely followed by several days below freezing.) Strange, but momentarily nice.

Sunset Over Tarp

This sunset was amazing.

So amazing, that it wasn’t even ruined by that awesome-looking tarp over the roof.

French Crocks

My sister gave us a set of these French crocks for Christmas.

Right now, they are perfect for warming up leftovers (since we don’t have a microwave).

Soon, there will be pot pie and onion soup.

Such Tasty Tea

The tastiest tea.

Red rooibos, vanilla, and almond. A present from my brother-in-law, who knows me well.

Packed Suitcase

A little suitcase, (almost) all packed and ready to go.



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