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January 8, 2016

Snippets from my week.

See also: winter, hibernation, chocolate, books.

Cozy slippers
Slippers are a criticalΒ part of winter for me.
And as it is now officially winter here, I am wearing these very nearly 24/7.

the coziest blanket














Also on the subject of winter, my parents gave me this amazing wool blanket for Christmas.
Made in the USA organic AND machine washable. Essential for apartment living.

the prettiest books
After seven moves in six years, the dust jackets on my books were looking a little ratty.
So this time, I tossed them all in the recycling. I thought I would regret it, but the book spines look so pretty!


leftover christmas cheer
Took down all the Christmas decorations, except for this little bit of swag.
Because a some winter cheer is a good thing, even (especially) after the holidays.


best chocolate truffles
For several days nowΒ I have been craving chocolate like it’s water and I’m wandering in a desert.
Thank goodness I ended up with a stockpile after the holidays.


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