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lazy sunday

July 17, 2016

Who knew that β€œheat dome” was a technical, meteorological term? It sounds like something out of a dystopian sci-fi show. But apparently (very apparently, if you live on the east cost of the US) it is a real thing.

Which means that Sundays right now are lazy indeed, with huge glasses of ice water, every fan pointed directly at you, and multiple cold showers every time you just get too sticky to bear.

(one of my favorite swing dance performances of all time, not just for the amazing skill of the dancing, but for how clever the choreography is)

the end of empathy?

listening to teachers, what a shockingly novel idea

β€œshe looks like herself”

this, all the time, and anything else that requires as little heat to prepare as possible

this makes me so happy!

hits a little close to home, though we lucked out really

yes, quite true

wish I lived where I could see them perform

And of course, to add some balance:

short fiction for today

long fiction for tomorrow

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