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January 17, 2016

Right now, I’m not actually writing this.

Right now, I’m somewhere in London (hopefully, if all has gone well). England will shortly be followed by France, which will shortly be followed by Italy. Brian and I have been talking about a trip to Europe since we first met (when we were 19, because when you’re 19 that’s the sort of thing you talk about with someone you just started dating). This year, we finally decided to just go for it. Three countries. Ten days.

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looking tasty (and seasonal!)

a little late for me, but maybe helpful for you?

consider the hummingbird (old but beautiful)

splurged on these this winter + now thinking about these for spring

can definitely get behind this

what?! science + adorable

a dreamy-looking getaway

red carpet fashion, from the perspective of costume (also, hilarious)

And, in case you need something to add to your bookshelf:

short fiction for today

long fiction for tomorrow

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