happy new year

    January 9, 2018

    happy new year // thinking about goals versus resolutions // katharineschellman.com

    Is there a difference between resolutions and goals?

    Between goals and plans?

    Real questions — I’m genuinely not sure, not when it comes to this whole new year thing.

    I like the idea of a fresh start, but I’m not sure January 1st has ever felt like that moment to me. If we are resolving to read many new books and wear many cozy socks and nap away many cold afternoons, well, that’s a different story. January and February are prime book-sock-nap months. But I always have a hard time getting on board with resolutions of the life-and-self-improving variety until spring rolls around. For me, January is a time to hunker down (a time for hygge, as we were all saying a year or two ago). Those fresh starts don’t feel seasonal until April.

    Still, it is a new year, and I do have a goal or two in mind that I don’t mind saying I’m excited to work towards. They might even end up as bullet points on that fresh page up there.

    And if one of those goals is being more gentle with myself in 2018 (and more gentle with others, because the world needs more gentleness), well. Bring on the books and socks and naps, because I can get started on that right away.

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